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Welcome to the Office of International Affairs homepage, your gateway to information on our university’s exciting international activities.  We here at the Office of International Affairs recognize the increasing importance of globalization, and are dedicated to ensuring that SUMS gains access to the many benefits associated with a rapidly global and interdependent world.   Through our work, SUMS students, faculty, and staff are regularly exposed to rich internationally-related experiences which consistently help strengthen SUMS’s reputation as a leading medical university within Iran and the greater Middle East. 


In order to help you familiarize yourself with the Office of International Affairs, below is a list of the main services associated with our office:


1-Preparing relevant documentation and providing appropriate funding for SUMS academic staff attending scientific congresses abroad.


2-Preparing relevant documentation for all sabbatical leaves.


3-Coordinating all national congresses held at SUMS.


4-Coordinating all international congresses held at SUMS.


5-Coordinating all activities between SUMS and the Office of International Affairs within the Ministry of Health.


6-Coordinating all activities between SUMS and the Office of International Affairs within all other leading Iranian universities.


7-Providing regularly updated information on national congresses held outside of SUMS.


8-Coordinating all activities between SUMS and international institutions such as international organizations and foreign universities.


9-Ensuring that foreign guests visiting SUMS are treated with proper care and provided with all necessary services (e.g. visa, food, accommodation, transportation, and tours in and around Shiraz).


10-Preparing all initial work related to the obtainment of credit (Melli Trust) for academic staff wishing to participate in foreign congresses.


11-Preparing annual reports on the work conducted by our office for the Ministry of Health.


12-Coordinating the availability of foreign language courses offered by the Iranian Language Institute for SUMS academic staff.


13-Providing regularly updated information to SUMS students and academic staff on how to obtain various international grants.


14-The Office of Scientific Exchange for Iranian Professionals (OSEIP) is a new subdivision within the Office of International Affairs whose mission is to promote the development of strong and lasting scientific collaborations between SUMS and Iranian scientists throughout the world.    





Head of Office:


Farhad Handjani, MD hanjanif@yahoo.com


To obtain additional information on our services, please contact our immediate staff:

Immediate Staff:

Sharareh Bahadori, BA

Azim Kaveh Ahangar,BA

Samira Sabzevari

Tel. & Fax: +98-711-2307594

Email: int-office@sums.ac.ir

P.O. Box: 71345-1363

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